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Tips for preventing carsickness to make you travel easily in double festival

It's a good time to travel in autumn and double festivals. But some people give up travel because of carsickness and can only stay at home. Many people have carsickness, seasickness, or airsickness. In medicine, we call it motion sickness. Carsickness may be related to everyone's physical state, mood, etc. In order to let you not be affected by carsickness, you can go out and have a good swim. This article will introduce some small methods to prevent carsickness.
Eat moderately and wear loose
People who are carsick may know that people who don't eat or eat too much are more likely to get carsick. Therefore, we should not eat light food before going out. Don't wear too tight clothes. Before leaving, keep your energy up, have a good rest, and keep a good mood at the same time, which can reduce the probability of carsickness.
Smell something that can stop car sickness
When driving, take the fresh ginger slices in your hand and put them under your nostrils at any time to inhale the pungent flavor into your nose. You can also stick ginger on the navel and fix it with Shangshi Zhitong ointment. About an hour before the ride, the surface of the fresh orange peel should face outward and fold inward, and then press the two fingers against the nostrils. The skin will spray oil mist with fragrance. It can be inhaled for more than 10 times, and can be inhaled at any time on the way.
3. Apply essential balm Can also drop two drops of essential balm in the navel, and cover with Shangshi Zhitong ointment.
Drink vinegar
Stick Shangshi Zhitong ointment
6. Pinch Neiguan point
It can be used to pinch the internal carpal joint between the two points.



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