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Autumn tonic taboo disease free random tonic, regardless of deficiency and excess

After the beginning of autumn, although the weather is cool in the morning and evening, there are still "autumn tigers" raging in the daytime. Therefore, the human body is prone to burnout and fatigue. According to the principle of "nourishing yang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter", tonifying in autumn is very necessary, but it must not be done arbitrarily, and "five taboos and three appropriate" should be achieved.
Five taboos of tonic
   1. It not only increases expenditure, but also harms itself. If excessive use of cod liver oil can cause poisoning, long-term use of glucose will cause obesity and increased blood cholesterol, leading to cardiovascular disease. At the same time, any tonic overdose is harmful. It is unscientific to think that "taking more tonics, treating diseases and strengthening the body without diseases" is unscientific.
There is no distinction between the real and the virtual. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that tonic medicine is not suitable for patients with asthenia. Deficiency syndrome can be divided into Yin, Yang, Qi and blood. It can only be beneficial if it is taken according to the symptoms. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and harmful to the body.
3. Tonic meat. Animal food is undoubtedly a good tonic, not only has higher nutrition, but also delicious. But meat food is not easy to digest and absorb, if you eat more, it is often unbearable for the elderly whose gastrointestinal function has declined. Some "by-products" in the process of meat digestion, such as excessive lipids, sugars and so on, are often the factors leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other common diseases.
  in addition, many people have fishy meat and greasy meals every day. The acid and toxic substances produced by the metabolism of these foods need to be discharged in time. With the accelerated pace of life, people have irregular defecation and even constipation. Therefore, we should pay attention to the unobstructed defecation at the same time.
4. Constant "supplement" remains unchanged. Some people like to specialize in a certain kind of tonic according to their personal taste, and then develop from constant for many years to partial food and food preference, which is not conducive to health. Because drugs and food have both health care and treatment effects, but also have certain side effects, long-term and multi-service will affect the nutritional balance of the body. In particular, the elderly, not only the organ function has varying degrees of decline, need to be comprehensive and systematic conditioning, and different seasons also have different needs.
The more expensive, the better. Every tonic has a certain object and indication, we should determine the medicated diet according to the needs, "what is lacking, what is supplemented", and do not divide it according to the price of tonic. Especially for the elderly, we should take practical and cheap as the principle of tonic. We should prevent taking medicine instead of food. It is unscientific to pay more attention to medicine than to food.
   autumn lasts for three months. The weather, environment and human physiology of each period are different. The way and content of tonic supplement should also be adjusted randomly. Therefore, there are three ways to supplement.
Regulating spleen and stomach in early autumn
                        . Modern medicine believes that in the adjustment and adaptation stage in autumn, it is necessary to prevent the sudden use of tonic, which leads to indigestion and absorption, thus leading to diarrhea and other diseases. The first is to replenish qi and nourish yin, and the other is to prevent dryness from invading. Food tonic should be based on moistening the lung and promoting body fluid, easy to digest food, such as dairy products, fish, lean meat, eggs, beans, fresh vegetables, lotus root, supplemented by radish, tomato, tremella, pear, persimmon, etc. Among them, lotus root is the top grade. Lotus root contains a lot of starch, protein, vitamin B, C, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Its meat is tender, white, round and sweet. Raw food can cool blood stasis, cooked food can tonify the heart and kidney, suitable for men, women, old and young. There are many ways to eat, such as fried lotus root silk, fried lotus root clip and so on.
Nourishing yin and moistening lung in Mid Autumn Festival
   with the deepening of autumn, the air is drying day by day, and the damage to the lung is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, after entering the mid autumn, we should nourish yin and moisten the lung. Food has sesame, lily, pear, fungus, honey, radish, sugarcane, lotus root, water chestnut and most vegetables. The cool climate makes people have a big appetite. Duck, sea cucumber and chicken have become delicacies in the meal. Beef and pigeon meat can also be banned appropriately. However, for mutton, dog meat and other warm food, unless the constitution of Yang deficiency, or to eat less. Water chestnut is rich in nutrition and easy to digest and absorb. It has the function of strengthening spleen and stomach, tonifying kidney and nourishing blood. Water chestnut contains 34.6% carbohydrate and only 0.2% fat. It is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins, so it is not easy to make people fat. Boiled together with lean meat or beef, it tastes delicious and can relieve neuralgia, headache, joint pain and low back pain. Can also be used 200 grams of water chestnut, 10 grams of red dates, 30 grams of peanuts, with the right amount of brown sugar, made into "Dabu Decoction", suitable for the elderly with body deficiency, puerpera with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold, anemia and tracheitis patients.
Late autumn and winter supplement
There are two meanings in the late autumn supplement: one is to deepen autumn tonic, the other is to lay a foundation for winter tonic. At this point, the body's essence begins to be collected, and it is easy to absorb and store the tonic food, which helps to strengthen the body. In addition to the above vegetarianism, meat consumption can be increased moderately, such as chicken, beef, pig liver and fish. Chrysanthemum in vegetarianism is recommended. The simple uses are chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum wine (dry chrysanthemum is soaked in low alcohol liquor and drunk after 24 hours), chrysanthemum porridge (100 grams of Japonica rice, boiled with water, when cooked, add chrysanthemum to boil); slightly more complex are chrysanthemum meat, chicken, pig liver soup, etc. From the point of view of reinforcing winter, Euryale ferox is the best choice. Euryale ferox contains carbohydrate, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and vitamin C. It has a variety of functions, such as nourishing and strengthening, tonifying the middle and replenishing qi, appetizing and relieving thirst, strengthening kidney and nourishing essence, etc. The practice may also not be confined to one pattern, such as



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