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The first single port laparoscopic operation in Xiasha Hospital of Run Shaw Hospital

No scar. Beautiful clothes. You can keep on wearing them
Some women are afraid to leave scars, and they are reluctant to undergo surgery after discovering gynecological diseases, and some even miss the best time for treatment.
Two years ago, Ms Ma was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. But she was in good shape, worried about scar after operation, and she was very resistant to the operation. For more than two years, Ma mainly relied on drugs for conservative treatment, until recently abdominal pain was increasing. At the first hospital examination, she found that the tumor was 6.8 * 5.0cm in size, and had to be operated on. "She was helpless when she heard that she had to have surgery, and asked if there were any other treatments." MS Ma's attending doctor told reporters.
According to Ms. Ma's actual needs and condition, songguanghui, deputy director of Department of gynecology in Xiasha Hospital District, shaoyifu hospital, decided to implement single hole laparoscopic operation for Ms. Ma, the first one hole laparoscopic operation in half a month since the establishment of the Department of gynecology in Xiasha hospital. Song told reporters that the operation was a 3cm incision in the navel part of Ms. Ma. The laparoscopic instrument entered the incision to remove myoma, and then reconstructed the umbilical part after the operation, and hidden the incision in the navel. "Because of the small wound, her postoperative recovery is much faster than that of patients undergoing porous laparoscopy, and there is no scar left." Dr. Song said.
Sure enough, a few days after the operation, Ms. Ma was discharged. On the same day of the interview, the reporter met Ma lady who came to see again, "there is no scar left, and those beautiful clothes in my family can continue to wear." She said happily.
The reporter learned from the Xiasha Hospital District of shaoyifu hospital that single hole laparoscopic surgery needs to enter the abdominal cavity through the navel, and complete the operation. The operation complexity is very high, and it is still a leading field in the world in minimally invasive surgery. Such operations have been carried out in Qingchun hospital area before. Now, the first similar operation in Xiasha hospital area means that the medical level of gynecological diseases in Xiasha hospital area is up to a higher level. "We will also continue to explore this area, replacing traditional laparoscopic with single hole laparoscopic, so that more women who love beauty can get rid of the problem of scar after operation."



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