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China's medical device market scale is maintaining a rapid growth trend

In recent years, China's medical device industry has developed rapidly, and has become one of the industries with the most development potential of high-tech. with the investment of new medical reform, the aging of population and the increasing emphasis on health care services, the market scale of medical devices in China is maintaining a rapid growth trend.
At present, China's medical device market accounts for 14% of the total pharmaceutical market, which is far from the global level of 42%. This also shows the investment community a huge space to explore in this field. Industry insiders believe that, at the time of IPO, the activity of medical device M & a market also makes more investors see opportunities.
In addition, due to the relatively small number of high-tech talents in the pharmaceutical industry, high-end chemical generic drugs and children's drug use opportunities are relatively large. However, pharmaceutical enterprises have large initial investment, long product approval cycle, and high requirements for technology and talents set an invisible high threshold. In this regard, relevant people also believe that investment in small molecule chemical drugs should not only be cautious, but also bear the risk of low success probability.
At the same time, we should also clearly see that there are still many deficiencies in China's medical device industry, such as lack of independent innovation ability, lack of core technology and so on. According to incomplete statistics, 90% of the domestic high-end medical device market is occupied by foreign enterprises, which makes many domestic commonly used medical devices monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and the proportion of domestic self-made brands in the industry is very small. Among the top 10 enterprises in the domestic medical device industry, there are 7 foreign-funded and joint-venture enterprises, compared with our medical device production The products do not have international competitiveness.
In view of the above problems, many domestic medical device enterprises must actively transform, improve science and technology, strengthen independent innovation, and strive to develop towards automation, traditional Chinese medicine, miniaturization, and wide application of medical software, so as to fill the market development space brought by the acceleration of medical reform.
In addition, the relevant departments should set up a special research fund for medical devices as soon as possible, and vigorously support domestic medical device research projects with independent intellectual property rights and market competitiveness, so as to speed up the optimization and upgrading of the industry, improve the competitiveness of domestic medical devices, and make China's medical device industry really usher in its own spring.
With the aging of the population and the significant improvement of health care awareness, the average growth rate of the medical device industry will be higher than that of the drug industry in the future. In developed countries, the ratio of device to pharmaceutical output value is about 1:1, while in China, the equipment income only accounts for 10% of the drug market scale, and the market expansion is in progress. Experts predict that China's medical device market will reach 53.7 billion US dollars by 2015.



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